Dalian, China

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Experimental Practices Course

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One of the new trials during this school is to bring together some fundamental and interesting experiments, which will be conducted by the students with the help of leader scientists, see table below. Each group of student is requested to report their experimental results during the school. Several topics are related to the lectures and these lectures would directly help students to practice experiments and summarize the report. Good presents will be awarded to the good presentations.

Each group consists of about ten students and thus during registration, they need to select three topics from the list. They will take three different experiments but need to choose only one for the report by Power Point Presentation.

This experimental practice was successfully performed in Sendai, Japan, during the Crystal Growth School (Houdankai) in 2008 and 2009. This is not a demonstration of experiments but the students should contribute themselves to make practice. During the course, you will have a frank discussion with lectures as well. Engineers from companies supporting this course will also contribute to the practice on site.

During the school, there will be exhibition of microscopes supported by Olympus Co., Nikon Co, and KEYENCE Japan Co.

Possible experiments:

Chiral Crystallization
In situ surface observation
Nucleation of a melt droplet during levitation
Measurement of growth rate by interferometer
Phase-field computer simulation (texture of crystals)
Monte Carlo simulation of crystal growth
AFM studies during crystal growth in solution
Colloidal crystallization

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