Dalian, China

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Scope of the Summer School

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The 14th International Summer School on Crystal Growth will be held on August 1st-7th, 2010 at Dalian, China. 

ISSCG-14, as usual, aims to provide comprehensive lectures in different areas of crystallization. Lectures by leading researchers will encompass the fundamentals and recent improvements on crystal growth. A textbook based on the lectures will be published before the School is started, and will be provided to attendees without additional charge. 

The level of the school is intended for post-graduate and post-doctoral students as well as fresh researchers all over the world. Researchers new to crystal growth as well as experts are encouraged to attend.

The format of the School is designed to encourage interaction between lectures and attendees. Informal discussion of student research through posters is planned during extended coffee breaks. In additional, several social activities will provide opportunities for discussions.

Technical programs will be updated soon.

Publication of School Lectures
The lectures presented at the Summer School will be published in a textbook. All the information about the publication will be updated.

Tentative topics and lecturers in the school (more lecturers will be announced soon):

Lecturer Lecture Title
A. A. Chernov Surface phenomena and parameters of crystal growth
Dongfeng Xue Observation and simulation of crystallization behaviors of inorganic materials
Elias Vlieg Crystal Morphology
Georg Mueller Optimization and modeling of photovoltaic silicon crystallization processes
Hiroki Hibino Growth Morphology of Steps on Vicinal/Epitaxial Graphene Growth on SiC Surafaces
J. W. Evans Epitaxial growth of metal films on single-element and alloy substrates: experimental STM studies and atomistic or coarse-grained modeling
James J. De Yoreo Biomolecular controls on crystal nucleation and growth
Jeffrey J. Derby Modeling and bulk crystal growth processes:  What is to be learned?
Katsuo Tsukamoto Optical In-Situ Observation of Crystal Growth Process
Koichi Kakimoto Crystal growth of semiconductor bulk crystals
Mathis Plapp Application of phase-field method in crystal growth
Max G. Lagally Nanoepitaxy in the presence of lattice strain: Quantum dots and strain engineering of nanomembranes in the silicon model system
Mu Wang Self-organization in nanocrystallization 
Peter G. Vekilov Nucleation of crystals in solution
Peter Rudolph Transport phenomena of crystal growth (heat and mass transfer)
Ryo Kobayashi Mathematical Modeling for Pattern Formation in Nature
Thomas F. Kuech Metal Organic Vapor Phase Growth of Complex Semiconductor Alloys
Uwaha, Makio The Classical Nucleation Model -- Entire Process of Crystal Growth and Application to Chirality Conversion
Viedma, Cristobal Chirality Change by Grinding Crystals in Solution
Xiang Yang Liu Simulating "Atomic" Processes  of Crystallization via Controlled Colloidal Assembly
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